Game Review Criteria

At Gambling Zone we publish review scores for all the games we review, which includes slots, live games, table games, and game shows. All reviews are handled by our editorial team and are separate from the commercial team. Under no circumstances are review scores influenced by anything other than our own opinions and our review criteria which we explain below. Providers are not informed of review scores, and do not have access to review text, ahead of posting.

The Gambling Zone Game Review Scale

At Gambling Zone we use a ten point scale in 0.5 units, from 1 - 10 (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, etc…) when we review games. This differs slightly from our Online Casino or Sports Betting site review criteria. Ultimately, the rating is based on personal opinion, however, we will quantify the score to the best of our ability based on the following review criteria, which we will explain in more detail below. Here is an explanation of what each general score means.

(10) Perfect

A game that has no flaws, is perfect in every way and that could possibly even be an industry game changer. If it is a live show, the hosts are impeccable, the studio is perfect, and the presentation is faultless.

(9.0 / 9.5) Exceptional

One of the best games or slots that we have played of exceptional quality. We will recommend it to everyone who likes to play.

(8.0 / 8.5) Very Good

A well-made game or slot with great features, interesting bonus games, nice visuals, and extreme playability.

(7.0 / 7.5) Good

A decent game but there are a number of improvements that can be made. 

(6.0 / 6.5) Okay

A fair game but there are higher quality options out there.

(5.0 / 5.5) Mediocre

This game is bland and unremarkable. It has some kind of major flaw or is ugly or is a bad clone.

(4.0 / 4.5) Poor

There is no reason to play this game if you have the choice to play something else. This game either has multiple flaws, does not work well, or is outdated.

(3.0 / 3.5) Bad

These games have many bad features and poor execution. You should not waste your time on them.

(1.0 - 2.5) Awful

Any game that gets a score this low means that it has been identified as a buggy game or some kind of scam. These should be avoided at all costs.

Review Criteria

At Gambling Zone we will look at the following set of criteria and will base our ratings on how well they are met. Here is a summary of all the different elements we look at within our game reviews.


We analyse the game's RTP and compare it to similar games to determine its competitiveness in terms of potential payouts.

Graphics & Design or Hosts & Presentation

Our team assesses the visual appeal and design elements of the game. We look for high-quality graphics and special animations when it comes to slot and table games. In live game shows we will assess the professional presentation and studio backdrop. We evaluate the demeanour and professionalism of hosts, as well as the overall presentation of the studio and props.

Sounds & Music

We examine the game's sound effects and music to assess their contribution to the gaming experience. Engaging audio enhances immersion, while poor quality sound can detract from gameplay.

Potential Max Win

We investigate the game's maximum win potential, comparing it to industry standards and similar games. For jackpot games, we take a look at the jackpot size and if there are multiple jackpot tiers.

Bonus Games

Our reviewers analyse the quantity and quality of bonus games available in the game. We assess the potential winnings from each bonus game and evaluate whether they provide sufficient incentives for continued gameplay.

User Experience, Playability, and Game Features

We evaluate the overall gameplay experience, looking for smooth mechanics, minimal lag, and engaging features. We will take note if there are any bugs or annoyances, take into account if it is playable across different devices. We will also look at whether innovative features like Megaways or cascading reels have been included.

Mobile Experience

We assess the game's compatibility and performance on mobile devices. Our review includes an evaluation of any issues encountered during mobile play and the game's suitability for both horizontal and vertical orientations.


We scrutinise the game's originality to determine whether it offers a unique gaming experience or is simply a rehash of existing titles. Clones and reskins receive lower ratings in this category.

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