Hollandish Roulette Strategy Guide

Hollandish Roulette Strategy

Seasoned roulette players often use betting strategies to try to increase their chances of winning and control their wagering. And the Hollandish strategy is a popular option at casino sites and land-based venues.

This is a negative progression system (such as the widely used Martingale strategy) that involves placing multiple wagers on each betting round. How does it work? What advantages and disadvantages do you need to know about before you try it?

Keep reading our guide to the Hollandish roulette strategy to find out!

How Does the Hollandish Roulette Strategy Work?

If you use the Hollandish strategy at roulette sites, you’ll place three wagers on each round of betting and increase the size of those bets with each loss. Your stake will only revert back to the starting amount after you win.

The three bets you make with the Hollandish roulette system will be separate. You will wager on even-money table areas only, such as Odd/Even and Red/Black, and if at least two of your three bets win, you’ll reset your stake to your base amount. You should only boost your stake to the next level if you lose two or all of the three bets.

Each time you need to increase your bet, you boost it by two. Let’s say you started with a wager of $1. Your progression would look like this:

  • $3 ($1 x3)
  • $9 ($3 x3)
  • $15 ($5 x3)
  • $21 ($7 x3)
  • $27 ($9 x3)

For example, if you were to bet $3 ($1 x3) on Black and win two of the three bets, you would stay on $3 for the next betting round. And if you won two out of three again, you would remain at $3 for the third time.

However, if you lost one or two of the bets, you would advance to the next step in the Hollandish roulette strategy and wager $3 x3. Land two winning bets to reduce your stake back to $3 and start over.

Advantages of the Hollandish Roulette Strategy

The main advantage of the Hollandish roulette system is that it moves more slowly than the Martingale system. That may make it more appealing to roulette novices.

You will be able to play for longer before your stake amounts reach high-risk levels (though that depends on your gaming budget), and you can still get a minor return on your wagers even if you only win one out of three bets in a round.

Additionally, the Hollandish system is an effective method of bankroll management. Keeping your wagers grouped together in sets of three is helpful for keeping track of how much your stakes increase or decrease from round to round. In particular, beginners may find it easy to monitor their bankroll by simply adding two units each time they lose.

And, on top of that, you may be able to regain your lost wagers with a few winning rounds down the line. However, that requires that you commit to the strategy and keep increasing your bets for some time, which you may not want to do.

Disadvantages of the Hollandish Roulette Strategy

The biggest disadvantage of the Hollandish strategy is that your wagers will keep increasing if you have a run of losses. Before you know it, you could be facing a $27 bet on a single round as you try to recoup your money. It’s vital that your bankroll can accommodate that approach, otherwise you may play through all of the money you set aside solely for your gaming in a short space of time.

You need to choose your starting bet carefully to make sure that your stakes don’t grow out of control quickly. You may have enough of a bankroll to begin wagering at, say, $5 for each of the three bets, but a few losing rounds will push your stake higher and higher. It’s best to start as low as you can, especially if you’re a newcomer, to minimise the risk of big losses early in the game.

Betting in Roulette


The Hollandish roulette strategy is a negative progression system with the potential to help players recoup losses and manage their bankroll effectively. But it may take a long time to win back lost money, and (crucially) that’s not guaranteed — losses may keep coming.

If you intend to use the Hollandish roulette system at casino sites, consider setting a cut-off point for yourself. Simply stop increasing your bet once you reach this amount, take the loss, and start back at your original stake (or leave the table altogether).

That can reduce the risk that you will spend all of your bankroll in a single game of roulette, which is ideal if you prefer to play different types of games when visiting casino sites.

Here’s the most important point to remember with the Hollandish roulette strategy and any form of gambling: be responsible. Set realistic limits for yourself, only wager what you can afford to lose, and focus on having fun rather than winning.

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