Glitnor Group Joins the IBIA in Ontario

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Glintor Group brand LCKY in Ontario has joined the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), expanding the association’s position in Ontario. The IBIA has identified Ontario as a leading regulated gambling market and has encouraged operators in the region to commit to a safer and more honest betting environment by joining the organisation.

Maintaining Integrity

The IBIA is considered the world’s leading sports betting integrity monitoring platform. Over 50 companies and 125 sports brands have joined the company. It is the most respected integrity-focused platform in Ontario.

By joining the IBIA, Glitnor Group, which operates the brand in Ontario, is highlighting its commitment to integrity and providing a fair betting space for its customers in the province.

David Schwieler LCKY Group CEO, spoke about the importance of keeping betting fair. He said that teaming up with the IBIA is a big deal for the company and that they intend to work closely with the organisation to ensure sports betting is kept exciting, speedy, and fair.

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, expressed their delight at Glintor Group joining the platform. Ali said that they were happy to welcome the new member from Ontario and that the two parties share common goals of protecting the consumer and promoting fair sports betting in Ontario.

By Operators, For Operators

The IBIA is a not-for-profit body that is set-up and run by operators for operators. The aim is to protect the integrity of sports betting. It does this through its global platform, which monitors the industry closely, keeping an eye out for suspicious betting activities and monitoring corruption.

A recent report by the company highlighted Ontario as a key market for online sports betting. The province has an excepted onshore channelisation for sports betting of 92%, a number which the IBIA predicts will rise to 97% by 2028, making it one of the most active in the world.

The IBIA currently represents over 60% of the private sports betting providers in Ontario, making it the biggest integrity-focused platform in the province.

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