Best Casino Payment Methods

In this in-depth guide, we will show you all the best casino payment methods available in Ontario and give you more information about each one. Regardless of whether you play to enjoy or to win, everyone begins at the same starting point, depositing money. Fortunately, depositing has never been easier with the many options available. In fact, there are so many choices that it is almost impossible to not find a payment method suitable for you. Funding your gaming accounts with ease and being guided by the casino’s operator throughout the process are just a couple of things that will keep you coming back.

Below are some of the best and most widely used payment methods for casinos.

Why are casino payment methods important?

One of the most important considerations when choosing an online casino is the available payment methods. That is not only because having many options to choose from brings you convenience. There are more to a casino’s deposit options than that.

Casino payment methods allow you to deposit your money into your account safely and securely. You will be confident that your identity or payment details go through encryption and are solely for the deposit.

Having many payment options available also allows you to avoid huge transaction charges. Not to mention the trouble you would have to go through moving your money between banks.

Most common online casino payment methods

With the many casino payment methods out there, it is impossible not to find one that is best for you. Casinos now welcome deposits not only from local and electronic banks but even cryptocurrency!

Here at Gambling Zone, we will introduce you to a wide range of payment methods and discuss them detail by detail. This way, you can figure out which of the many payment methods for online casinos is best for you.

Here are some of the best online casino payment methods in Ontario with some of their advantages and disadvantages. Allow us to walk you through all of them by reading below.


Interac is a popular payment option for online gamblers in Canada. One of the main reasons why Interac appeals to so many people is the privacy it offers: users can transfer money from their online bank account into an online casino without sharing their data with another party. 

With Interac, online purchases are particularly fast and straightforward. Its widespread popularity and user-friendly nature have led to Interac becoming a common payment method at Canadian online casinos.

Pros Cons

Transferring funds is quick and simple.

Only available in Canada at the time of writing.

Accepted by many Canadian online casinos.

Fees may be required for deposits.

Banking information is secure

Strong anti-fraud measures


PayPal is widely considered to be one of the most popular casino or betting site banking method. PayPal offers an exceptional service to its users in terms of security, speed and convenience. In order to use it for online casinos or betting sites, all players need to do is link it to their debit cards or ensure that they have funds in the PayPal wallet.

PayPal transactions are always quick and uncomplicated. Another big plus point is that they provide an extra layer of security for your funds since they act as a go-between for the bank and the casino site.

Pros Cons

Free to use

You need to sign up before you can use it

State-of-the-art security and data encryption

Cannot use it like a bank card

Offers an additional layer of protection

Serves as the ‘middle-man’ between banks and online casinos

24/7 customer service in multiple languages

VISA and MasterCard

For decades, VISA and MasterCard payments remain two of the most popular options globally for banking methods for online casinos.

And regardless of how many electronic banks pop up and cryptocurrencies there are, MasterCard and VISA casino payments will always be a popular choice. This is because most gamblers prefer a method that is already familiar to them as a safety measure.

Pros Cons

Safe, secure, and fully encrypted transactions

The approval of casino transactions varies from bank to bank

A trusted choice with an excellent reputation

Credit cards come with restrictions depending on country

Fast-paced automatic transactions

Free of charges

Available on all gambling websites


A Paysafecard is a prepaid e-bank accessible with a 16-digit PIN code. What makes it so unique is that it is free of the use of any personal information. This means that when you use a Paysafecard payment method to deposit in a casino, you will be transferring money without sharing your bank details or any information at all!

Another advantage of using a Paysafecard is that it helps you stick to your gambling budget and avoid overspending. Real gamblers know that it can be a challenge to stick to the budget when you are having so much fun, but Paysafe will gladly help you out with that.

Pros Cons

All transactions are private and secure

Availability for withdrawals varies depending on the casino

Deposit without a bank account

Low deposit limit

Fast-paced automatic transactions

Free of charges

Quick and easy process


Trustly is a secure online payment method that is gaining popularity in various parts of the world especially for the online casino industry. What makes it so popular is that casino payments come from an individual’s online bank account without them needing to use their bank card or app. It is an online payment system that uses an account-to-account network. However, Trustly is not yet widely used in Canada and it is important to note that Canadian banks do not currently accept Trustly payments. In order to use this payment method you will need to open an offshore bank account. Trustly is actively working to expand its partnerships to offer a safe and efficient payment option for Canadian players in the future.

Pros Cons

It eliminates the need to transfer money from platform to platform

Not accepted by Canadian banks

Has an on-the-go mobile app

Not a common withdrawal option in casinos

Safe and secure system

Need to open an offshore bank account

Uses two-factor authentication


If you do not recognise the name Skrill, you may know its former name Moneybookers. Skrill is a digital wallet provider and an online payment system. It processes various kinds of online payments and money transfer services, and casino deposits are certainly one of them.

Skrill casino payments require you to transfer money to your Skrill account from your card or bank first. Then you can use that very account for your casino merchant. It is more of a middleman that does not allow the other party to access any of your bank details. All Skrill transactions are secure and request a pin. They may also use two-factor authentication and One-Time Passwords.

Pros Cons

Secure and private transactions

Some casinos do not give bonuses for Skrill deposits

Independent of bank details

Quick real-time reflecting deposits

Little to no transaction fees


The online payment provider Payz is a popular option amongst gamblers. This is due to its easy sign-up process, high privacy, and quick transactions. You can create a Payz account without needing to enter your bank details or information. They are also credit check independent.

Use your Payz account to receive, send, and transfer money worldwide. This is an easily accessible electronic bank account that keeps you and your funds safe at all times. Payz casino transactions are very simple and the process comes fully confidential. You do not have to worry about your personal details getting stolen or your bank getting hacked when using Payz.

Pros Cons

Does not request bank details or credit checks

Charges vary depending on the transaction type

Easily accessible and multifunctional

Slow withdrawals

Secure and safe transactions

Offers physical cards

Quick account opening process


One of the easiest online payment services offered in casinos is SOFORT. What exactly makes it the easiest of them all? SOFORT is not only bank detail independent, but it also allows you to skip the process of opening an account.

Although many online payment services out there offer privacy within their transactions, SOFORT stands out by letting you transfer your money without storing your details. SOFORT casino payments reflect straight away after a quick transaction confirmation. And while SOFORT disregards the common procedures, it still ensures your safety by not requesting any personal details. They also do not allow the casino merchant to access your payment form details. SOFORT functions without any login details or confirmation codes.

Pros Cons

No application process checks

Limited offered currencies

Personal detail independent

Not a common withdrawal option

Safe and secure from both ends

Does not currently accept CAD

Reliable customer support

No hidden fees

Apple Pay

Without a doubt, Apple Pay is one of the most popular online casino payment methods not only in Canada but in the whole world. Apple Pay is an online payment service made by Apple itself. It is one of the many benefits of being an Apple product user and is supported on all of their devices. Basically, Apple Pay digitalises your credit and debit cards. It creates a contact-free transaction ground to protect your details from the merchant or any illegal third-party services. Apple Pay casino transactions are processable in person, on the web, and through IOS apps.

Pros Cons

Fingerprint-secured transactions

May not be accepted by some casinos

No extra costs or hidden fees

Exclusive to IOS users

Quick and convenient transactions

Protects your information

Bank Transfer

Aside from VISA and MasterCard casino payments, bank transfers are also among the most popular options. A bank transfer is a payment method connected straight to your bank account.

When using a bank transfer as a payment method, you will have to pay a transaction fee to your bank and provide your personal and banking details. Most transactions are real-time, especially if the transfer is to the same bank. However, some may take an hour to a couple of days. Regardless of the hassle of bank transfers, gamblers still use it since all transfers go through the domestic clearing house before. This is one of the best securities to have against cybercrime.

Pros Cons

Available in casino withdrawal options

Banks usually block casino transactions

Eliminates the middleman

No longer commonly used for deposits

Very safe and always secure


INSTADEBIT is a secure and convenient payment solution designed for Canadian residents aged 18 years or older with a bank account at a Canadian financial institution. It allows you to make deposits to participating merchants directly from your bank account, eliminating the need for e-Wallets or credit cards. It is becoming increasingly popular with Canadian online casino sites since all Canadian banks work with Instadebit.

Pros Cons

Make deposits without sharing sensitive info

Not always available for withdrawals

Deposits directly into bank account

Not all casinos work with Instadebit yet

Very safe and always secure


MuchBetter is a popular online casino payment method for Canadian players that offers a convenient and secure way to make deposits and withdrawals. With its user-friendly mobile app, MuchBetter allows players to easily fund their casino accounts and manage their gaming funds on the go. One of the key advantages of using MuchBetter is its innovative approach to security, including device pairing and touch ID verification for added protection. Additionally, MuchBetter offers low fees and fast transactions, making it a preferred choice among Canadian players who value efficiency and reliability.

Pros Cons

User-friendly mobile app

Still not accepted at all online casinos

Enhanced security features

Fast transactions


iDebit is a reliable and secure online payment method tailored for Canadian online casino players. With iDebit, you can make seamless and hassle-free transactions directly from your online banking account. Whether you sign up for an account or proceed as a guest, iDebit ensures that your banking credentials remain confidential and no personal information is shared with the merchant. This straightforward payment option is available to players who are 18 years or older and have a bank account with online banking at one of iDebit's supported banks.

Pros Cons

Does not share info with merchants

Does not work with all banks

Instant deposits

Limited withdrawal options

No registration required


Neteller is a widely used online digital wallet that offers fast and secure transactions for Canadian online casino players. With Neteller, players can easily deposit funds into their casino accounts using their preferred payment options, including credit cards and bank transfers. The platform's user-friendly interface and quick processing times make it a popular choice among Canadian players. Additionally, Neteller offers enhanced security features, such as two-step authentication, to ensure the safety of users' financial information. However, it is important to note that some online casinos may impose fees for using Neteller.

Pros Cons

Quick payment method

Potential fees

Widely accepted

Some casinos do not give bonuses for Skrill deposits

Enhanced security like 2FA


Cryptocurrency has gained popularity as a payment method for online gambling sites due to its added layer of anonymity. Players can make transactions without revealing their personal information, providing a sense of privacy and security. However, it is important to note that cryptocurrency is often only accepted by online casinos that do not hold reputable gambling licences. This lack of regulation may raise concerns for some players about the reliability and legitimacy of these platforms. Additionally, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency values may also pose risks, as players' winnings could fluctuate significantly based on market conditions.

Pros Cons

Provides extra layer of privacy and anonymity

Only offered by casinos that do not have reputable gambling licences

Value fluctuates significantly

Lack of player protection

What factors should you look at when choosing a payment method?

A casino having many games and bonuses is not the only thing you need to ensure to have a hassle-free gambling session. It is also important to look into the payment methods the casino offers and see if there is anything you will find suitable. Regardless of how many options are in front of you, one will only stand out. And we will help you identify which one that is with our comprehensive list of things to look for in casino payment methods.

Here are a couple of things your selected payment methods should offer to ensure you won't run into any difficulties:

Little to no transaction fees. Finding a fun casino to enjoy and come back to regularly is surely a great feeling. However, multiple charges within a single day is a dealbreaker. It is discouraging to imagine just how much you would lose by getting charged a transaction fee with every deposit you make. And this is exactly why you should choose a payment method that allows you to transfer money with little to no fees. Fortunately, there are many of them nowadays!

Deposit and withdrawal limits are suitable to your needs. To avoid abuse of their services, many payment methods including banks set a deposit and withdrawal limit. These limits stop you from either depositing or withdrawing too much within a single transaction. Its purpose is to make you settle another transaction, so they can charge you again. You can avoid double charging by choosing a deposit option with limits that mirror your gambling budget.

Fast and easy processes. You wouldn’t want all of your enthusiasm to run out while you wait for your transactions to be processed, would you? There are many payment options out there that are free of charge, but they usually take time to reflect. Finding a deposit option that is both fast and easy will ensure a quality gaming experience.

Secure, private, and encrypted transactions. Cybercrime is more common these days. And for someone who will be transferring their money to a gambling website, you must take extra care of your actions. Choose a safe payment method that protects your personal details.

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