Best Online Slot Games in Ontario

There are thousands of Ontario slots online, covering dozens of different themes, and containing lots of different gameplay mechanics and bonus games. For seasoned players, finding the best online slots is easy. But for new players that have just started playing slot games, choosing a slot site and a game to play can be confusing. Many casinos claim to be the leading Ontario slot game provider. This makes filtering the best ones time-consuming.

At Gambling Zone, we want to simplify things for you. We believe that finding and playing an online slot should not be a complicated process. Our team of experts have researched and compiled everything you need to know about slot games from key terms, recommended games, paylines, bonus features, to FAQs. Gambling Zone provides unbiased reviews to help you find the site that suits you best.

Online Slots RTP (Return To Player)

Players who want to try a game of chance must first learn what RTP is. The RTP or Return To Player in slots shows how much a player earns from the bets they make in a slots casino. Every game’s RTP is expressed in percentages. It is also important to note that this is a theoretical number which has been created after a game provider plays millions of test spins. Theoretically games with a higher RTP should give more returns. However, it does not mean you will automatically win. One other important factor to note is that providers give information based on the base RTP but they create versions of the same game with different RTPs and let casino sites choose which version to use. However, the casinos need to state which RTP version they are using on their site.

Top 10 Online Slot Games

The Gambling Zone experts have selected the top 10 most popular slot games available in Ontario at the moment.

Gates of Olympus

Slot RTP: 96.5%

Gates of Olympus is an ancient Greece themed game from Pragmatic Play. It has a decent RTP percentage with a slick design. The slot has 6 reels and 5 rows which uses the All Ways game mechanic with the tumble feature. The stakes level of this game range from $0.20 to $125 per spin.


Slot RTP: 96.09%

Journey towards outer space with NetEnt's Starburst 5-reel video slot. There is a Starburst Wild feature that can appear in reels 2, 3, and 4. This feature can give you free re-spins that make it possible for players to get the maximum win.

The Wild Life

Slot RTP: 96.16%

The Wild Life is an African wild animal themed slot that is played on a 5x3 grid with 10 paylines that pay both ways. This is a high volatility game from IGT which can award up to 200 free spins. You can get a maximum win of 5000x your stake.

Book of Dead

Slot RTP: 96.2%

This Ancient Egypt-themed slot has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 10 paylines. Help Rich Wilde unlock the tomb to unveil the Book of Dead. There is a Free Spin feature that allows players to possibly win big.

Thunderstruck Wild Lightning

Slot RTP: 96.1%

Created by Games Global, this game features a 5-reel layout with 40 paylines, with features like multiplier wilds, free spins, and Link&Win. There are four Thunderball jackpots available, with the Mega Jackpot offering a substantial 15,000x your initial stake.

Sugar Rush

Slot RTP: 96.5%

Sweet surprises await you at Sugar Rush. This candy-themed game is played on a 7x7 grid reel. With unlimited free spins and multipliers up to 128x, you can get a maximum win of 5000x your stake.

Jurassic Park Gold

Slot RTP: 96%

Another Global Gaming slot with the Link&Win feature. This game is based on the popular movies and is played on a 5x4 grid. There are 40 paylines with multipliers, jackpots and a potential max win of up to 8,000x your stake.

Sweet Bonanza

Slot RTP: 96.49%

Sweet Bonanza slot is played in a 6-reel with an All Ways mechanic. It has 3 bonus features: Tumbler features, Ante Bet feature, and the Free Spins feature. Activate the Free Spins with the rainbow bomb to boost winnings up to 100x.

Cleopatra Slot

RTP: 95.02%

This classic slot, Cleopatra, takes you back to Ancient Egypt. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines. Due to its popularity in land-based casinos, developers have made it available for play in online casinos too. It is playable with $0.20 to $600 per spin.

Wolf Gold

Slot RTP: 96.01%

This animal-themed slot, Wolf Gold has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. The symbols feature Wolves, mustangs, eagles, and other North American wild animals. This iconic game boasts a Free Spins feature, a Money Respin feature and three potential jackpots.

Play Slot Games in the Best Online Casino Sites

Here is a selection of the casino sites where you can find the best slot games in Ontario.

Spin Genie

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Slots Magic

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Types of Online Slot Games

Some players prefer simple games, while others want more advanced games. Virtual slots give casino enthusiasts a whole level of excitement. What makes them exciting is they vary in theme, objective, and prizes. Here is a quick breakdown of the main different types of online slot games that players can enjoy.

Megaways Slots

Created by Big Time Gaming, Megaways is a game mechanic that comes with attractive features. This online slot uses up to 6 reels and has no predetermined paylines. The goal is to match symbols on adjacent reels. Players should expect to see changes in the number of symbols for every spin.

Jackpot Slots

Every player has that ultimate goal: To win that life-changing jackpot! The odds may be long, but you are guaranteed huge winnings on top of standard prizes. Below are two types of jackpot slots.

Progressive Jackpots

Similar to how the lottery works, the pot money in progressive jackpots increases every time no one hits the jackpot. When somebody wins the jackpot, the jackpot amount reverts to its initial amount. This amount grows whenever a qualifying bet is placed, and it stacks up until someone wins.

Daily Jackpot Slots

If you are interested in bagging big wins on a daily basis, grab the opportunity and try out the daily jackpot slots online in Canada. The pot prize value of daily jackpot slots increases every time bettors place a qualifying wager. Remember, these promotional prize pots can be won once every day.

Slingo Games

With Slingo games, players get the best of both worlds — for the game itself is a combination of slots and bingo. Slingo games feature high-quality visuals and captivating sound effects borrowing mechanics both from slot games and from bingo.

Traditional Slot Machines

Traditional slot machines have a lot of the same mechanics as online slot games but the terminology is slightly different. We will go over some of the important terms below and explain what each means.


These slot machines work similarly to online slot games in that they allow players to choose how many paylines to play on and how many coins to bet on each payline. If you choose to deactivate paylines you will spend less money however your chances of getting a winning combination also decrease. Once you activate multiple paylines your bet per spin will increase but you will have higher chances of getting a winning combination. It is important to note that you are not increasing the win amount, you are just increasing the frequency.

Buy-a-Pays/ Hidden Buy-a-Pays

A Buy-a-Pays slot machine changes the number of winning combinations and symbols based on your stake. This means if the machine has, for example, fruit symbols, bar symbols, and lucky 7 symbols, you would need to bet three coins in order to unlock all three symbols as winning combinations. Unless you are prepared to place max bets on each spin, do not play Buy-a-Pays slot machines. A hidden buy-a-pays machine refers to a slot game in which the bonus feature will only trigger if you place the max bet.

Straight Multiplier

A straight multiplayer is a type of slot machine that allows players to multiply their win amount by the number of coins they bet. For example, if you bet one coin, all paylines and combinations are available but the win amount will be at the base level. If you bet two coins, all the paylines and combinations remain the same, but the win amount is doubled.

Combination Slots

This traditional slot is a combination of the other types. They are also called Hybrid slots. The slot could be a Multi-coin and a Buy-a-Pay, or Hidden Buy-a-Pay and a Straight Multiplayer.

What are Slot Reels?

Slot reels are a major component of slot machines. These are positioned vertically on the grid with different symbols on each reel. After placing a wager, the reels spin. After the spin stops a win is triggered if there is a winning combination on an active payline.

Types of Slot Reels

There are many different types of slot reels especially with the thousands of video slot games available nowadays. Here are some of the most prevalent types of slot reels in online slot games.

Cascade Reel Slots

The final type of slot reel layout which is important to mention is the cascade reel. This also has a number of alternate names such as tumbling reels, or pay anywhere reels. These reels can have any number of grid layouts from a traditional 5x3 layout or a 10x10 layout. What makes these reels different is that when you trigger a winning combination the winning symbols disappear and more symbols fall from above to replace them. This is the cascade or tumble. Once the new symbols fall into place more winning combinations can trigger on the same spin. Pay Anywhere slots function the same way but instead of working with paylines the wins trigger if you have enough symbols clustered next to each other.

Five-Reel Slots

Five-reel slots are currently the most common type of online slot game setup. The grid layout is usually 5x3 and if you take a look at most of the slot reviews on Gambling Zone, you will quickly see that most slot games fall under this category. The most popular games are most often 5-reel slots as well. These slot games also offer a lot more flexibility in terms of how many paylines are available, but the most common configurations are 10 or 20 active paylines.

Seven-Reel Slots

Seven-reel slots add an extra level of complexity to the online slot game and give a lot more winning combinations and game mechanics. Megaways slots are also in this category. The number of paylines and winning combinations increase to the thousands in these games. There are also certain slot games where the number of reels change depending on whether you are playing the base game or one of the bonus games.

Three-Reel Slots

Three-reel slots are most commonly associated with classic slot games. These are usually the simplest type of slot game with a 3x3 grid layout. On the most basic versions of the three-reel slot games only the middle payline is active. However, more contemporary three-reel games play around with this and provide more paylines and other features to make the games more interesting for new players.

Online Slot Paylines

The online slot paylines are lines that determine the winnings based on the combinations. These may appear as different patterns on the reels. You may see combinations on straight, diagonal, and even zigzag lines. You will only trigger a win for the paylines that you have placed a bet on.

Bonus Features in Online Slots

In classic three-reel slot games there were not many different ways to win while playing the game. Nowadays, slot games are full of different features and bonus games. In order to trigger these bonus games and features you need to either get a winning combination, get a certain type of symbol on the reels, or they can trigger randomly. Here are some of the most common bonus games you can find on an online slot.

  • Free Spins: You will get a certain number of spins without having to wager
  • Jackpot: You can win a set amount of money depending on the jackpot amount
  • Gamble: You can play a mini game to increase your winning amount
  • Respin: The reels continue to spin as long as you get wins
  • Bonus Buy: You can spend money to play a bonus game

Online Slot Themes

Although it pays to have great bonus features in your chosen slot site, their games must be visually appealing as well. Slot providers create unique themes for easy recall. Storytelling increases player engagement as it gives players something to relate to. Some of the most popular themes to date are based on mythology, films, TV shows, sweets, and others.




TV Show

Leading Software Providers of Online Slots

The online gaming world is loaded with game developers whose aim is to satisfy the demands of every player. The best developers are the ones that can stimulate excitement with the use of innovation. These three top our list:


Providing a great selection of games since 1996, NetEnt is considered by game developers as the standard when it comes to online gaming. In 2019, NetEnt was responsible for creating more than 58 billion game transactions. They have more than 200 engaging slots that come with striking features.


Known for their one-of-a-kind casino slots and lottery products is software provider Yggdrasil. This provider only joined the gaming scene in 2013, but it has already made its mark in the industry. With exceptional technological feats, they have secured their position among the best game providers.


One of the leading online gaming developers in Canada is PlayTech. Since its birth in 1999, it has given players a shot at winning enormous prizes. They have created iconic slots that are based on films such as Gladiator, RoboCop, and Ace Ventura.

Play Online Slot Games in Mobile

Today, most people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. Therefore, game suppliers must see to it that their games can be played on different platforms. Slots should be available for play on different platforms including smartphones. In addition, they must be compatible with various operating systems.

Online Slots FAQ

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about slot games:

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