Learn about Surrender in Blackjack

Learn About Surrender in Blackjack

Although it is becoming less common in land-based casinos, the option to surrender is a hot topic when playing blackjack, especially when it comes to playing online.

To reduce their possible loss in a given game, blackjack players who have the option to surrender must understand when and how to do so.  In blackjack, surrender is only an optional rule that lets you give up half of your wager once you have seen the dealer's up card and your first two cards.

It is time to think about surrendering if your hand has less than a 50% probability of winning against the dealer.

Early surrender and late surrender are the two categories of surrender rules and in this article, we will be taking a closer look at the ins and outs of how surrendering in blackjack works.

What is Blackjack Surrender?

So what does blackjack surrender actually mean, and why do players consider this a viable gameplay option?  In the worst possible circumstances, you can reduce your losses at a blackjack table by using the surrender option. When you hold a very weak hand, such as a 16 versus a very good dealer hand, you can usually "surrender," or fold your hand, and recover half of your investment instead of losing your full wager.

However, why would you want to forfeit your opportunity to win the hand outright? The goal of the blackjack game is to make the best choice possible in every circumstance, not to get 21. This occasionally entails giving up the game and letting the dealer win.

Only after receiving your first two cards may you ever give up your hand in blackjack. There are two types of surrender: early and late (more on these later).

If you decide to surrender, your hand is over right away, you receive 50% of your bet back, and the dealer wins automatically and does not have to play out their hand (unless there are still players at the table).

Remember that we are not discussing taking advantage of the house in these particular hands. We are discussing a slight increase in your potential loss as compared to the standard strategy covered in the Basic Blackjack Strategy.

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2 Types of Surrender in Blackjack

As mentioned, there are two types of surrender options available to players when playing Blackjack for real money. These are termed Early and Late Surrender and make up the fundamentals of online blackjack surrender rules. These terms are explored in more detail below:

Early Surrender

In blackjack, an early surrender allows players to discard their cards as soon as the dealer reveals an ace or a ten and is about to determine whether they have a blackjack. Early surrender is unusual because, in the event that the dealer presents an ace or a 10, it actually boosts the player's rate of return by 0.39% and 0.24%, respectively.

In order to regain the upper hand, casinos implement regulations when they permit early surrender. For example, they permit the dealer to deal with another card on a soft 17. When deciding to surrender early, players must exercise extreme caution.

Late Surrender

In contrast to early surrender, late surrender allows players to give up their hand and lose half of their wager only after the dealer has checked to see if he has a blackjack. In a six-deck blackjack game, the house edge decreases by over 20% when late surrender is utilised to its fullest, greatly benefiting the player. Thus, the best strategy for lowering the house edge is to opt for late surrender whenever it is possible.

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16 Hand Surrender Strategies

In blackjack, a hard 16 is regarded as one of the worst and most frequently mishandled hands. The players have poor winning chances and a high probability of being outdrawn by the dealer or going broke.

When the dealer's 10-value card is up against the hard 16 in this scenario, things grow more difficult. Hit, stand, and surrender are the three options available to you when you have a hard 16. Out of all of these, opting for surrender (if available) is the best course of action since it would reduce the player's overall losses.

Advantage of Surrender in Blackjack

The ability to surrender in blackjack obviously lowers the casino's edge, which is the main advantage. Players can escape from a hand that would have resulted in more losses for them and enhance the house edge by giving up early or even later in the game.

Based on statistical data, the casino's advantage in an 8-deck game is only 0.63% if early surrender is permitted. A late capitulation reduces the edge to even 0.1%. Therefore, the opportunity to gain a stronger advantage and reduce losses is the greatest benefit of the surrender option.

Disadvantage of Surrender in Blackjack

The majority of land-based casinos do not provide surrender as a blackjack option, which is its primary drawback. This has a brief historical background. In 1977, Atlantic City casinos' ongoing acceptance of blackjack surrenders was deemed detrimental to the public welfare by both the Casino Control Commission and New Jersey Governor, Brendan Bryne.

From that point on, most blackjack tables in land-based casinos prohibit surrendering. However, with the rise of online casinos with far fewer overheads, the concept of blackjack surrender has made a bit of a comeback. Still, it is not the most widespread option out there.

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Blackjack Surrender Conclusion

The concept of Blackjack surrender is an interesting one which can put even more of the statistical power in the hands of the player. As blackjack is already known to be one of the more statistically beneficial table games out there, the option for an extra card to play…or in this case not (if you will pardon the pun) is certainly a positive option for players to have. Of course, while many resources will quote surefire strategies to ensure winning streaks, you must remember that blackjack is still a game of chance, and you should therefore adhere to responsible gambling practices.



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