How to play Monopoly Live casino game? Tips & Strategy

How to play Monopoly Live casino game

Monopoly is perhaps the most classic board game in history, but did you know that the Monopoly Live casino game is one of the most played in the UK? We take a look at how to play this game to increase your chances of winning, why it is popular, and provide our expert tips. Unlock the secrets of Monopoly Live here.

How to Play Monopoly Live?

Join the live host at your chosen online casino and place your first bet. The aim is to choose where you think the money wheel will stop. It is loaded with prize multipliers, instant wins, and bonus rounds. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Begin by selecting your chip size from the available options.
  2. Place your bets on any of the six betting spaces during the betting period.
  3. Once the timer runs out, the wheel spins, and if it lands on a segment you bet on, you win.
  4. Landing on the CHANCE space awards instant cash prizes or total bet multipliers.
  5. If the wheel stops on 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls, the bonus game begins with the corresponding number of rolls.
  6. In the bonus game, Mr. Monopoly travels along the board, collecting multipliers that are applied to the total bet at the end of the feature.

Monopoly Live Game Features

As with all of Evolution’s titles, Monopoly Live is an action-packed casino game with fun features. The base game might sound straightforward with players simply needing to bet on which section they think the wheel will stop on, but the features make sure that there is extra excitement.

Keep an eye out for dice rolls that offer additional winning opportunities, including re-rolls when you roll doubles, mimicking the classic board game. Throughout the game, you will encounter various multipliers, and each time Mr. Monopoly advances, you will reap the rewards. Check out what you can expect below.

Extra Features

In Monopoly Live, the main action happens on the money wheel. Your job is simple: guess what the next spin will bring. But it is not just about the numbers on the wheel. There are other spots that give you good wins.

One of these is the CHANCE card. It works like the cards in the board game in that you will be given an instant reward. When you land on it, you can win random cash or multipliers all presented by Mr Monopoly himself. He pops up on the screen in a 3D image and the graphics are something to admire. This is where live casinos meet the technological advantages of playing online. It is an aspect of the game that stands out.

But that is not the only thing. You might also land on '2 ROLLS' or '4 ROLLS.' These start the main bonus game where you can win bigger prizes. The 4 rolls of the dice bonus gives the best rewards, making it the highlight of the game.

Monopoly Wheel

Monopoly Live Bonus Round

In Monopoly Live, you can trigger the bonus game by betting on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls space. If the wheel stops on either of these spaces, the bonus round starts. You must have placed a bet on the winning space to qualify, if you have not the bonus round will be shown to you, but you will not be an active player.

In the bonus round, you are taken to the Monopoly board which will have expanded into an impressive 3D board, and given 2/4 rolls of the dice. Mr. Monopoly begins at Pass Go, rolls the dice, and moves around. Each space he lands on awards a multiplier. Rolling a double earns you an extra roll. The round ends when all rolls are used and the total multiplier is applied to your original bet. This is where you can start to see some of the bigger wins the game offers roll in.

Monopoly Live Tips and Strategy

Although this game is based on chance (pun intended), there are some strategies that you can employ to increase your odds of winning. Of course, this is not a guarantee and you should only bet what you can afford. At Gambling Zone we take responsible gambling seriously so use these strategies with caution. We also suggest that you take some time to fully understand the strategies before putting them into practice.

Monopoly Live Martingale

The Martingale/Reverse Martingale strategy, often used in Roulette, gets a Monopoly twist here. With the traditional Martingale, you double your bet each time you lose, aiming to offset losses with eventual wins. Reverse Martingale follows a similar pattern, but you decrease your bet after losing instead. This could be a costly strategy, however, as it may take some time to recoup losses, and of course, you are not guaranteed that you will.

Male Dealer

Play It Safe

This strategy opts for caution by betting only on segments 1 and 2, which offer the most segments on the wheel. You might also consider including 5 and 10, but the main idea is to steer clear of betting on bonus game segments. A sort of low-risk, low-reward strategy.

Bonus Game Bonanza

In contrast to the Play It Safe approach, this strategy focuses solely on placing bets on the bonus game segments. By exclusively betting on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls, you ensure you never miss out on a chance to trigger the bonus games. Simply wager any amount and wait for the bonus round to activate.

James Bond Strategy

This one is a little more complicated, shaken not stirred. Bet £200 each round, dividing it across three wagers:

  1. £140 on numbers 1 and 2
  2. £50 on numbers 5 and 10
  3. Allocate the remaining £10 between 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls, alternating each round.

To make the James Bond strategy more budget-friendly, reduce the stake from £200 to £20. This adjustment helps you better manage your bankroll. The key is to prioritise lower-risk bets while allocating a portion of your stake to higher-risk options in case the bonus round activates. It can be considered similar to hedging your bets in sports betting.

The All In

This might seem a little wild, but if you are unsure where to place your bet, why not try them all? Simply hit "Bet All" each round and take your chances. This strategy ensures you always recoup a portion of your initial bet and never miss an opportunity to qualify for the bonus game. Of course, it can be quite costly and there are only a few places the wheel can land for you to be able to get your money back or make a profit.

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Monopoly Live Odds and Payouts

Understanding the payouts will help you decide which strategy you should go for. It can also help you see what payouts you can get.

Bet placedNumber of segmentsPayout
CHANCE2Random cash prize/multiplier
2 Rolls3Bonus game
4 Rolls1Bonus game


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