Punto Banco Baccarat Beginner’s Guide

Punto Banco Baccarat Beginner’s Guide

Punto Banco is a baccarat game played in brick-and-mortar casinos around the world, and you’ll find it at most of the best baccarat sites online, too.

There are slight differences in the way that Punto Banco and other versions of baccarat are played. In our Punto Banco Baccarat Beginner’s Guide, we’ll look at how to play the Baccarat Punto Banco variant, side bets, and much more!

How Do You Play Punto Banco Baccarat?

Like baccarat, Punto Banco is a card game played with a dealer and one or more players. The aim is to score nine points, or get as close to nine as possible, before the other party does.

All players must bet on one of three possible outcomes at the start of each Punto Banco Baccarat game: Punto (player), Banco (banker), or Tie.

What are the Game Rules of Punto Banco?

The rules of Punto Banco Baccarat are straightforward enough for most novices to pick up quickly.

The game is usually played with at least six 52-card decks. A Punto Banco table has a space for wagers on the player, banker, and tie. Players bet on the outcome they think is most likely before each game begins.

At the start of every game, two hands are dealt: two cards to the player, two cards to the banker. All cards are dealt face-up, so both parties can see their values. Depending on the total value of the hands, extra cards may be drawn.

Card Values and Table Layout

Each card in Punto Banco Baccarat has a specific value represented as points:

  • All cards usually worth 10 in other card games (10, Jack, Queen, and King) have a value of 0 points.
  • An ace card is worth 1 point.
  • All cards between 2 and 9 are worth their usual value (e.g. a 4 card has a value of 4 points).

After all cards have been dealt and revealed, points are added together to calculate the total score for each party. However, any hands worth more than 10 points are represented by the final digit instead. For example, for a hand worth 14 in total, the player’s score will be 4 points only.

In Punto Banco Baccarat, the exact table layout may differ from venue to venue. However, the essentials remain the same. 

All players seated at a table (real or virtual) have a space to put their chips, whether they want to wager on Punto, Banco, or Tie. These spaces will be clearly marked and within reach of all players. Cards may also be dealt directly into designated areas on the table to avoid any potential confusion.

Drawing Additional Cards

A player and banker may be able to draw additional cards in specific situations.

Player Rules

  • When the player’s cards add up to a total of 0 to 5, the player will be dealt a third card. 
  • If the cards dealt add up to a total of 6 or 7, the player won’t receive an additional card (they “stand”). 
  • If the first two cards are worth 8 or 9 in total, this is a “natural” outcome and the player won’t receive any extra cards. This would be a winning hand, unless the banker’s cards have the same total.

Baccarat Bets

Banker Rules

  • When the banker’s hand adds up to between 0 and 3, they will draw a third hand.
  • If the banker’s cards add up to 4 and the player’s hand is worth 2 to 7, the banker will receive a third card.
  • If the banker’s hand is worth 5 points and the player’s is worth between 4 to 7 points, a third card is dealt.
  • When the banker’s hand is worth 6 and the player’s is 6 or 7, a third card is dealt. However, that only applies if the player has drawn a third card already.
  • If the banker’s cards add up to 7, they need to stand.
  • The banker and player must both stand if the banker’s hand is worth 8 or 9.

Punto Banco Baccarat Odds and Payouts

Punto Banco Baccarat offers potentially high payouts, as the house edge tends to be smaller than in many other table games. House edges range from 1.36% for Punto wins to 14.4% for Tie wins.

The payouts for each win type are:

  • A bet on the Punto (player) pays 1:1.
  • A bet on the Banco (banker) pays 19.20.
  • A bet on a Tie pays 9:1.

Casinos tend to place a 5% commission on Banco bets, which is taken before the winner receives their payout.

Punto Banco Baccarat Side Bets

You can place a few side bets in Punto Banco Baccarat:

  • Wager on the winning hand consisting of three cards instead of two.
  • Wager on the total number of points across all parties taking part.
  • Use the Dragon Bonus in online games to wager on non-natural wins. For example, the player winning by 9 points pays 30 to 1.

Baccarat Highest Hand

What is the Difference Between Punto Banco and Baccarat?

When discussing Punto Banco vs Baccarat, the main difference is that cards are drawn under different conditions. Specifically, Punto Banco is played with strict rules regarding how many cards are dealt and when, while in Baccarat, players determine when cards are drawn.


Punto Banco Baccarat is a straightforward variant of baccarat that players of all experience levels can try. But as with all types of game, remember to gamble responsibly and only bet what you can realistically afford to lose.

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