Slingo River Re3ls: New Game Release

Slingo River Re3ls

Slingo River Re3ls is a fishing-themed game from Slingo Originals. If you’ve played any of Slingo Originals’ releases before, you should recognize the basics of the Slingo River Re3ls new game.

It’s a combination of slot and bingo gameplay: you play on a 5x5 grid with 25 positions and a reel beneath it. The aim is to match numbers on the reel to numbers on the grid. You have 10 spins on each play to do that.

By matching numbers and marking off numbers across the grid, you’ll complete Slingos. That will take you higher up the payladder and bring you increasing cash prizes. You have 12 win lines and 11 awards to play for (the last number of the grid always gives 2 or more winning lines).

But there’s more to the Slingo River Re3ls new game than that — you can find special symbols and bonus features to help you complete Slingos, too. Keep reading our preview to find out how they work!

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Exciting Slingo River Re3ls Game Features

Here are the features you can expect to see in the Slingo River Re3ls upcoming game:

Wild Symbol

If you land a Wild symbol on the reel on a spin, you can mark off any number in the column directly above it. That can make completing Slingos easier!

Super Wild Symbol

Super Wild symbols let you mark off any number anywhere in the grid,. 


Watch out for Boot symbols — they’re blockers. They do nothing but make it harder to complete Slingos.


The Fisherman symbol is locked and does nothing until you complete four Slingos. But after that, the Fisherman unlocks and can award Fisherman Respins.


The Slingo River Re3ls game awards 1 life when you complete 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 Slingos. All lives you collect are shown above the reel. You need lives for the Fisherman Respins feature.

Extra Spins

You can take advantage of Extra Spins after you complete your 10 standard spins. But there’s a cost: the price of each spin is based on the grid position and the prizes on offer. That cost is shown on the ‘spin’ button to help you decide whether the potential prizes are worth the bigger stake.

Fish Prizes

A Fish Prize is revealed on each dab, and you can collect these in the Fisherman Respins feature. Fish Prize multipliers range from 0.1x to 5x your stake.

Fisherman Respins

After you complete 4 Slingos, the Fisherman symbol is unlocked. If one lands, the reel expands to a 5x3 layout containing 15 independent Re3ls. Any Fisherman symbols that trigger the Respins stay in the same position for the entire feature.

Only Fisherman symbols and empty Re3ls appear on the respin reel.  Each Fisherman symbol that lands awards one extra respin. But for each respin that doesn’t feature a Fisherman on the reel, you lose a life!

If you manage to get a stack of three Fisherman symbols, that becomes a stacked Fisherman symbol. The prizes awarded for stacked Fisherman symbols vary: one stack gives you all the multipliers in the column directly above the stack, while five gives you the total of all the multipliers on the grid multiplied by five.

The Fisherman Respins feature ends when no new Fisherman symbols appear and you run out of lives, or when you fill all positions instead.

Mega Win

Where Can You Play the Slingo River Re3ls Game?

The Slingo River Re3ls game is set for release on July 1, 2024. When it’s available, you can play Slingo River Re3ls and lots of other Slingo games at

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