Kayo Warned For Breaching Advertising Rules

Kayo Warned For Breaching Advertising Rules

Kayo Warned

The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) has warned sports streaming service Kayo after determining it had breached gambling advertising rules.

This comes at the end of what has been a busy month for the ACMA, which blocked three offshore gambling sites from operating in the country last week.

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Strict Rules On Advertising

The ACMA enforces strict rules on sports betting advertising. Companies are permitted to air gambling adverts only between 5 am and 8:30 pm, with a further restriction on showing ads five minutes before and after an event.

An investigation by the ACMA showed that Kayo, owned and operated by Hubbl, had shown 16 different adverts outside of these windows across 267 sports events. The issue was initially brought to the company's attention following customer complaints.

System Error

Hubbl defended its position by saying that the incidents occurred due to a system error on the Kayo iOS app. The ACMA determined that the company would need to arrange an external audit to ensure such an incident didn’t happen again. It also confirmed that if it failed to comply, it would face a penalty of up to AU$ 626,000.

CMA authority member Carolyn Lidgerwood responded to the claims, saying that the failure to notice a system error was alarming. She added that streaming services and broadcasters have a responsibility to put systems in place to prevent these things from happening.

Lidgerwood went on to say that the rules are in place to protect players and to reduce exposure to gambling ads, finishing by saying that this was especially the case with younger and more vulnerable viewers, all of which have been let down by Kayo and Hubbl.


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