Kindred Reports Increase in Revenue From Harmful Gambling

Kindred Reports Increase in Revenue From Harmful Gambling

Small Increase

The Kindred Group announced it had seen a slight increase in revenue generated from harmful gambling in its most recent quarterly report. The company reported a 0.2% increase since the previous quarter.  

The company’s most recent quarterly financial report showed that 3.3% of its revenue had been generated through harmful gambling. This was increased from the 3.1% that they reported in the previous quarter.  

Quarter 2 had been the lowest figure the company had ever reported from gambling harm revenue and was a 0.2% decrease from the previous quarter, with Q3 now returning to that same level.  

Long Term Plans  

Despite the slight increase, Kindred remained positive about the direction the company is headed in. It announced plans in 2018 to generate zero revenue from harmful gambling by the end of this year, and while it is highly unlikely it will achieve this goal, it has still made significant strides towards it.  

The company, which owns popular UK brand Unibet, has placed responsible gambling at the heart of its business operations. It has rolled out automated intervention features, which it believes will provide a smoother responsible gambling journey for players and bettors on its sites.  

It also reported a slight increase in improved behaviour, up 0.3% from 86.4% to 86.7% from the previous quarter.  

The Right Direction 

Put into context, the harmful gambling revenue was at 3.9% of revenue in 2020, reaching 4.7% later in the year. However, like many figures during 2020, these are likely to have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Kindred released a statement along with the report. They said that while the data indicates the trend is consistent, the company needs to do more to meet its long-term goals. While it continues to work hard towards achieving a better industry for everyone, more can still be done. It also noted the positive trend in the impact of an intervention on its customers and will continue to build on this.  


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