Corners Betting Guide and Tips

Corners Betting Guide and Tips

Betting on corners is one of the latest trends in football betting. It is getting more attention lately because although it can be unpredictable, it can lead to a decent return if you know what you are doing. In this article, we are giving you tips on how to do it right, and sharing some tricks to up your chances of coming out on top.

What is corner betting?

A corner occurs when the ball crosses the goal line but is deflected out by the defending team, leading to a set-piece opportunity. Corner Betting in football involves predicting the number of corners during a match.

It sounds simple, but as with everything in betting, there is more to it than first meets the eye. There are many ways in which you can bet on corners with markets aplenty and choices seemingly never-ending.

Types of Corner Betting

Understanding the different types of corner betting markets can significantly enhance your strategic approach. Each type offers a unique perspective on the role corners play in a match. Let's explore these variations to broaden your betting horizons.

Total Corners (Over/Under/Exactly)

Betting on the total number of corners in a specific football match is one of the simplest corner markets.

Before the match starts, bookmakers set a line, like over 8.5 or over 9.5 total corners. To assess whether these lines hold value, it is essential to do some research on how many corners each team usually gets per game.

You can also bet on the exact number of corners in a match or even each half. However, keep in mind that predicting the precise number involves a lot of guesswork. You will get better odds for these markets but at the cost of having to be very lucky for your bet to land.

Total Team Corners

Total team corners present a unique betting market that can be particularly advantageous in specific scenarios—making it a preferred corner bet with our GamblingZone experts.

The team favored to win a match typically takes the lead in the corner market as well. Take Liverpool, for instance, known for dominating possession and consistently controlling the lion's share in most games.

Let’s say Liverpool faces lower-league opposition; opting for team total corners over a match total could be more strategic. The opposing team is likely to deploy defensive tactics, keeping players behind the ball and limiting their chances of advancing to the final third—resulting in fewer contributions to the overall corners tally.

Corners Match Bet

In corner match betting, you are wagering on the team expected to secure the most corners during a match. The focus here is not on the exact number of corners awarded but rather on determining which team emerges with more corner kicks. This is a straightforward market but makes a great addition to an accumulator with the odds being somewhat similar to 1x2.

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Corners Handicap

Handicap corner kick bets involve providing one side with a head start or a disadvantage by a specified number of corners. In this type of bet, the objective is to adjust the playing field, introducing an element of balance or challenge to the corner kicks awarded.

Let’s take an example between Manchester United and Burnley. If Manchester United is deemed the stronger team, a handicap may be applied to Burnley by assigning them a head start of, say, +3 corners. This means that for the bet, Manchester United must outperform Burnley by at least four corners to secure a win, factoring in the head start given to Burnley. This approach adds depth to corner betting and gives you the chance to secure more favourable betting odds.

Corners Race

The corners race market adds an element of excitement and in-play strategy to corner betting. Bettors predict which team will reach a specified corner count first. We find this market fun, and it can be determined at any stage of the match which is why in-play is recommended. 

These will be shown on bookies as ‘first to 3, or 5’ for example. It does not matter which side wins the games or has the most overall corners, simply who reaches the target first.

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Tips on How to Bet on Corners

Unlocking successful corner betting requires a strategic approach. We have compiled a list of tips, and factors you should consider before placing your corner bets.

  • Varying Skill Levels: Opt for games with teams of different skill levels for more pronounced corner discrepancies.
  • Total Corners: Bet on total corner kicks, predicting if it will surpass or fall below the bookmaker's set amount.
  • In-Play Observation: Adjust corner predictions in real time based on the flow and momentum of the match.
  • Historical Data: Analyse head-to-head matchups for corner trends between specific teams
  • Halftime Score Strategy: If halftime is 0-0 or 1-1, bet on more corners in the second half.
  • Back the Stronger Team: Wager on the stronger team to accumulate more corners in the second half if they are trailing at halftime. 
  • Time-Frame Betting: Explore corner kick bets in specific time intervals (e.g., 40-45 and 80-90 minutes).
  • Caution with Specific Bets: Be wary of "no corner kicks" and even/odd corner kick totals.
  • Weather Impact: Anticipate more corners in rainy conditions due to altered gameplay and unpredictable grounds.
  • Player Analysis: Consider key players with set-piece prowess for potential corner impact.
  • Managerial Tactics: Evaluate managerial strategies, as some teams prioritise set pieces leading to more corners.
  • Venue Consideration: Note how teams perform differently at home vs. away and factors like pitch size.

Integrate these tips into your corner betting strategy, combining research, match dynamics, and situational awareness for a well-rounded approach.

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Corner betting offers you the opportunity to forecast the number of corner kicks in a match and the teams receiving them, eliminating the need to predict match winners or goal-scorers. This makes this market popular with punters for its independence from overall match outcomes.

While the risk of accurate prediction contributes to higher odds, they are notoriously difficult to land. On the flip side, there are so many options with corner betting that it can be avoided.

By employing strategic insights and healthy analysis, you can navigate the corner betting market with confidence, turning it into a rewarding avenue for generating potential profits.


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