What does Draw No Bet mean? Explained

What does Draw No Bet mean

Draw No Bet, often abbreviated as DNB, is when you back a team to win a match, and if the game ends in a draw you get your stake back. In this article, we will unravel the concept of Draw No Bet betting, provide examples, and detail how to use  Draw No Bet to your advantage. Whatever your questions we have the answers.

Draw No Bet Explained

Draw No Bet is a specialised betting market designed to eliminate the impact of a draw in three-way markets. This allows bettors to focus on predicting either a home or away win without the draw affecting the outcome. It has been gaining popularity among astute bettors recently as a low-margin two-way market. The trend shows that since there is a relatively decent chance of a return with two of three outcomes at least partly covered, accumulators featuring this bet type are on the rise.

In terms of odds you will get better odds on the straightforward win market, but with a draw no bet you are effectively placing your bet with insurance. Therefore, this is to be expected. Close to 25% of Premier League football matches end in a draw so when you factor that in, the reduced odds are reasonable.

Draw No Bet Example

In this section, we will show you an example of draw no bet to give you an understanding of why it is a popular bet type.

Football is a great market for draw no bet so we will take a Premier League game as our example. The outright 1X2 odds are: 

West Ham: 6/4 (2.45)Draw: 5/2 (3.5)Manchester United: 7/4 (2.7)

In this example, West Ham are the favourites, however, only slightly. According to the odds there is not much between the two sides. If we place £20 on them to win our returns depending on the outcome will look like this.

West Ham win £49+Draw -£20

Manchester United win -£20

So we are reliant on West Ham winning the match to get any sort of return. With the odds so evenly matched, it is a risky bet.

When we look at the draw no bet market the odds are shortened for both sides:

West Ham: 8/11 (1.75)Manchester United: 10/11 (1.9)

Again if we place a £20 on West Ham to win our returns will be:

West Ham win £35+

Draw £0 (stake returned)

Manchester United win -£20

Here we would earn £14 less in profit if West Ham won, but we would also get our entire stake back if the game were to end in a draw. This is why we mentioned this bet type being a bit like insurance. You pay in terms of reduced odds but you do increase your chances of a return.

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Sports that Feature DNB

Draw no bet is not exclusive to football; it is making waves in other sports too. From American football to rugby, and chess, draw no bet can feature in any sports where a draw is an option. The top sports for DNB include: 

  • American Football Betting
  • Boxing Betting
  • Chess Betting
  • Cricket Betting
  • Horse Racing Betting
  • Ice Hockey Betting
  • Rugby Betting
  • Soccer Betting

Can you Combine Multiple DNB?

While Draw No Bet (DNB) offers a safeguard against drawn outcomes, some bettors might find the reduced potential profit less enticing. The good news is, that you can inject versatility into your strategy by amalgamating multiple DNB selections to form doubles, trebles, or accumulators. To illustrate this we will look at betting on two matches; Chelsea vs Arsenal and Manchester City vs Aston Villa.

Picture these matchups as pretty close, and you want to be careful about the chance of a draw. If you go for a regular double, backing both home teams to win, a £20 stake could get you £40 in profit. But, if either match ends in a draw, you lose it all. Now, switch to the DNB market for both matches. While the potential profit drops a bit to £26, it adds an extra layer of safety to your bets.

But there is a third option that we need to talk about -  mixing probabilities. Think of Chelsea vs Arsenal as a closely contested game, while Manchester City vs Luton might have more predictable odds. Instead of just relying on the DNB market, where the odds might not be as tempting, place a bet on Manchester City to win outright. At the same time, use the DNB option for Chelsea or Arsenal.

Of course, it can complicate longer accas. The good news is that if you do have a DNB in your accumulator if the bet ends in a draw it is considered void in that bet. So, if you have a 10-fold bet, it would become a 9-fold in the event of your DNB selection ending in a draw.

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Draw No Bet Betting System Tips & Tricks

You should bear in mind that this is not a guaranteed winning bet, and there is still risk involved. Here are our top tips for using this bet type most efficiently. 

Compare odds: Always make sure you are getting the best odds you can for a bet, and make sure that the DNB odds are suitable against the outright market. If there is a huge gap between them, then it might not be offering you any value.

Look at the form: As with all bets you place - look at the form and results. If a draw is an uncommon outcome, or if key players are missing for teams this can have an impact. 

Be consistent: Some of your bets will be losers but this is to be expected. Stick to a strategy and budget that you set out.

Bet responsibly: Do not chase losses, and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Betting Markets Similar to Draw No Bet

A close alternative to a draw no bet market is a a double chance where you can bet on:

  • Home Win & Draw
  • Home Win & Away Win
  • Away Win & Draw

With double chance, your bet succeeds if either of your selected outcomes occurs. For instance, if you bet on home and draw, your wager wins if the home team is victorious or if the game concludes in a draw. So the main difference is that you are backing two outcomes and you will win if either occurs, as opposed to having your stake returned in the event of a draw.

Keep in mind that the odds in the double chance market tend to be shorter compared to the match-winner market, reflecting the increased likelihood of winning with two possible outcomes.


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